Recliner Chair Repairs

Recliner chairs are very popular due to many different reasons. They are comfortable, visually appealing and can be purchased in matching suites. Nevertheless, many people fail to fully understand how complex most recliner chairs are. Recliner chairs are made up of different components, which can be either mechanical or electrical; and each of these components play a very important role in either the functions of a recliner char or its structure. While these components are commonly made from tough materials such as stainless steel metal, but over time, with constant use, they will begin to wear and get broken. When this happens, the recliner chair can lose its functionality.

MESBNE specialises in electric and manual recliner chair repairs. For more than a decade we have been the leading provider of mobility equipment repair services including recliner chair repairs. Our team of technicians have a vast knowledge and experience in repairing recliner chairs. Whether it a common or uncommon issue, our highly skilled technicians can surely fix your recliner chair problem. 

In addition, we are able to take on any recliner chair brand or model, not only because of our skilled technicians, but due to our use of reliable tools and equipment. 

Manual Recliner Chair Repairs

We begin by doing a thorough examination of the functionality of the mechanical recliner chair. This allows us to determine what the possible issues are. After which, our highly qualified technician will check the triggers and cables to make sure that there are no damages. Mechanical parts and joints are not only lubricated, but are also checked to see if there are bets or if they have been deformed due to constant usage of the recliner chair. Springs, sofa bed actions and adjustments mechanisms and parts are also checked and calibrated to perfection. After which, the manual recliner mechanism is again tested to see if it is functioning perfectly. 

Electric Recliner Chair Repairs

To start with, our technician will conduct a thorough inspection of the operation of our client’s recliner chair. This will normally include checking the footrest scissor arm action. Our skilled technician will also inspect, examine the clean and grease electric motor or actuator. After which, a remote control or switch and transformer inspection will also be conducted. Then, we will conduct an inspection of the wiring and leads. 

We will also lubricate all the moving parts and joints of the chair for possible bents and deformation. The recliner chair’s mounting joints and timber frame will also undergo check-up. If the client’s transformers have a battery ‘back up’ system, we will also conduct a test or replace the batteries, and then; check, align and reorganise the adaptors to prevent possible damages. When all of these are finished, the recliner chair is cleaned and undergo another assessment to make sure it is working perfectly. 

If you’d like to know more about our services call us at 07 3386 0660. If you are in need of an emergency breakdown assistance or after hours services, call us at 0424 619 425. Our highly qualified service technician will gladly assist you with any of your recliner chair problems.