Mobility Scooter Service

MESBNE Mobility Equipment Services is the foremost mobility scooter service provider in Brisbane since 2007. Our years of service has allowed us to accumulate enough experience to ensure that no job is too big or too small for us to handle. Our experience in providing mobility scooter services for more than a decade has also helped us to create a systematic approach to ensure that we are providing the best mobility scooter maintenance and repair services in Brisbane and its surrounding suburbs.

Mobility scooters are just like other electro-mechanical equipment, they need to be properly serviced in order for them to maintain their optimum performance. What we recommend here at MESBNE, is to have your mobility scooter checked regularly on yearly intervals. 

MESBNE’s workshop is fully equipped with the latest tools and equipment needed to maintain scooters and other mobility equipment. Our state of the art testing equipment, broad range of spare parts and skilled technicians take our mobility scooter service to the next level.

Mobility Scooter Maintenance Service

Our service is fully designed to ensure that your scooter is performing at optimal capacity after it has gone through our repair and maintenance services. Hence, here are the procedures that you and your mobility scooter will go through with our service.

  • We initially discuss and test drive to determine if your scooter has issues
  • We will then proceed to a general visual inspection of your scooter and its components
  • We check and remove carbon deposit from the motor housing assembly
  • We also clean and check the brushes for wear
  • We check the wheels, remove them and grease the axles
  • Our technicians also check the wiring connectors of the scooter for disconnections and corrosion
  • We also check the wiring and wiring insulation for wear or damages, which are potential causes of scooter start-up failure.
  • Battery check
  • Our technicians will also check the charging capacity of mobility scooter to see if there is a cord wear or damage
  • Tires conditions and pressures are also checked and adjusted accordingly
  • We also check the front steering to make sure it is tight, secure and properly aligned
  • Inspect and lubricate front end pivot points, rotating parts and seat poly
  • Check, lubricate and calibrate suspension or shock absorbers
  • Check lights, horn, freewheel lever and console functions and make sure they are working perfectly.
  • We also check brakes, key switch, speed pot, turning speed sensor and high/low speed switch.
  • We also make sure that all bolts, nuts and parts are securely tightened.
  • Lastly, we will test drive the scooter to check if it is already working perfectly.

Mobility Scooter Repair Service

When there is a problem with your mobility scooter, whether is a start-up issue or a mobility issue, it is best to go and have it fixed by a mobility equipment specialist. MESBNE provides the following repair services to mobility scooter users in Brisbane and its surrounding areas.

  • Battery discharge test and replacement
  • Charger operational test and replacement
  • Tyre or tyre tuber replacement
  • Mechanical parts replacement
  • Frame repairs
  • Brake assembly repair and replacement
  • Motor brushes replacement
  • Electronic parts replacement
  • Electrical wiring and fault conditions troubleshooting
  • Electronic repairs including throttle and speed potentiometers
  • Program diagnostic check and calibration
  • Controller or joystick programming, repair or replacement

To keep your mobility scooter in tip-top shape, have it checked by the best mobility scooter service provider in Brisbane – MESBNE! If you’d like to know more about our services call us at 07 3386 0660. If you are in need of an emergency breakdown assistance or after hours services, call us at 0424 619 425. Our highly qualified service technician will gladly assist you with any of your scooter problems.