Electric Wheelchair Repair

Electric wheelchairs, also known as power wheelchairs, have become popular amongst the elderly and disabled individuals. Power wheelchairs provide a more convenient and easier to move about. They are controlled by the user of the chair using their hands, mouth or any other workable body parts. Electric wheelchairs are indeed very helpful, which is why, it is imperative to make sure that they are in tiptop shape and have it undergo an electric wheelchair service regularly. Just like other mechanical contraption – i.e. automobiles, motorcycles scooters – power wheelchairs require regular maintenance. Neglecting maintenance will not only diminish its performance, but will most likely end in larger repair costs.

Do you need power wheelchair maintenance or repair? 

MESBNE provides the best electric wheelchair service in Brisbane. We can work on different brands and models of powered wheelchairs. For electric wheelchairs that need special attention, we can bring them over at our workshop, where we keep a complete set of maintenance and repair equipment that will help us to successfully bring your electric wheelchair’s optimum performance. 

Our staffs are highly trained and experience in electric wheelchair servicing. We make sure that your services and outputs adhere with Australian Standards including

  • AS/NZS 3551: 2012 – Management Programs for Medical Equipment/Medical Electrical Equipment (IEC 60601-2-38, Ed.1.0(1996) MOD)
  • AS/NZS 3551:2004 – Technical Management Programs For Medical Devices
  • AS/NZS 105353: 2011 – Hoists For The Transfer Of Disabled Persons
  • AS/NZ 3760: 2010 – In-Service Safety Inspection and Testing Of Electrical Equipment
  • ISO/DIS 7176-25 – Wheelchairs  Part 25: Batteries and Chargers for Powered Wheelchairs and Motorised Scooters – Requirements and Test Methods
  • AS ISO/IEC 17025-2005 – General Requirements for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (Weigh Chairs)
  • AS/NZS 3973:2009 – Shower/Toilet Chairs (mobile and static)

Electric Wheelchair Service: Maintenance & Repair

At MESBNE, we recommend to have your powered wheelchairs scheduled for maintenance at least every year. This is to prevent deterioration and expensive repairs. Our maintenance services commonly takes more or less than 45 minutes.

We typically start by discussing, perform a general visual inspection and test driving our clients’ electric wheelchair to spot errors and areas of concerns. After which, we will lubricate and inspect front castors, rear castors, footplate and all pivot points. We will also inspect and lubricate suspensions and freewheel levers. Our highly qualified technicians will also proceed to lubricating the wheel axles by removing and replacing the main drive wheels. Batteries and battery chargers are also tested – making sure that they have enough voltage and load. 

The motor and components are also tested and checked for potential damages. We also make sure all electrical leads have no lose connections or damages. MESBNE will also test the functions of joystick controller to make sure that it well precise and adjusted accordingly. Tyres, rims and other components are also inspected to make sure that they are in perfect shape. Our staff will then check for any lost parts, nuts, bolts and then test drive the wheelchair. This is to ensure that the wheelchairs are good as new before being returned to our clients.

For damaged or malfunctioning electric wheelchairs, we also offer repair and replacement for armrests, batteries, battery charger, controllers, joysticks, motors, tyres and wheels. 

If you’d like to know more about our services call us at 07 3386 0660. If you are in need of an emergency breakdown assistance or after hours services, call us at 0424 619 425. Our highly qualified service technician will gladly assist you with any of your wheelchair problems.